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The Master and our instructors

Elia Tavernese, founder of Elia’s Pizza School, began learning the pizza maker’s job in 1974 and since then he estimates he has made over a million and a half pizzas and learnt to make more than a dozen types of dough. His clients are not just Italian, though, as, whilst travelling, Elia worked in Paris, Toulon, Lyon, Nice, Val D’Isère, Cannes, Biarritz, Stuttgart, Munich, and then London, where he arrived in 2001.

His imagination and versatility as well as his perseverance and enthusiasm prompted him to introduce new condiments into new pizzas, like, for example, olive pesto in 1988, or pepper or broccoli sauce, not to mention his innovative ideas around new dessert pizzas topped with ricotta cream flavoured with orange blossom water, or his chocolate or almond doughs...and much, much more besides. Get in touch with us now for a wide range of courses.

Vademecum del Pizzaiolo

Vademecum del Pizzaiolo

Elia Tavernese had a secret wish for more than 15 years. He wanted to write a book and in 2010, this came to life, published first in Italian, with the title Il Vademecum del Pizzaiolo, and now also available in English, called The Pizza Maker’s Handbook. It will soon be available in French and Spanish as well. It is a type of pizza Bible, praised by many of the profession’s big names, as well as by enthusiasts like Rosa Santoro, who recently interviewed him for the famous review in Agorà Magazine, and the article, Dulcis in Fundo, is still enjoyed by thousands of readers who want to discover “certain secrets” from his eBook, which Elia was delighted to reveal.
international school

An international school

After devoting his body and soul to his school for almost three years, Elia Tavernese has decided to employ other teachers to globalise his student reach. So, Elia’s Pizza School is now becoming The International Elia’s Pizza School, whilst the few teachers deemed fit to maintain the levels of honesty and efficacy that he has ingrained in his school are beginning to distinguish themselves with dedication and enthusiasm, as Elia is starting to praise them, strongly recommending them to even the hardest to please students.

"Behind the pizza bench, practice wins a knockout victory against theory."
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