Pizza Maker Instructor Course

Comprehensive pizza training courses 
in Finsbury

Do you want to be a training instructor for pizza making classes? Make the right decision by choosing Elia's Pizza School and be an expert trainer.

Pizza maker's instructor course 

The Elia’s Pizza School is about to take off: the subscription for learning the job are at its peak, so much so, that we believe now is the time to teach new instructors in order to work on behalf of Elia’s Pizza School and help us to teach the flow of students coming to us, how to learn the pizza chef’s job and help them to begin a new career. The above relates to the London area and, at a later stage, all over the United Kingdom and…why not the whole world?

So, if you are an experienced pizza chef, speak both Italian and English, work in a pizzeria or own one yourself, and are willing to learn how to teach this wonderful job, then you have two possibilities with the same course.
Find out More about what this course entails by Downloading the Course Information below. 
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All our lessons are payable in advance.
 Only one deposit payment for all our courses: £ 400.
The remaining amount fees must be paid cash on the beginning day, before the first lesson begins. For those wanting to pay by cheque, please allow 10 days before the beginning course, in order to assure the cheque will be cleared.
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for pizza training courses in London.
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