Practical Italian and Mediterranean Cooking Course

Learn practical Italian cooking in Finsbury

Elia's Pizza School offers courses for practical Italian and Mediterranean cooking in London. Contact us to choose the course.

Total price: (special offer for the complete 12-week course) £4200 If you prefer, you can just attend your desired topics for a minimum of two weeks at £950 

Elia Tavernese has not only a 35-year-long career as a pizza-maker, but he has also worked for a good seven years as a cook under talented chefs, before becoming a chef himself. This is why he has prepared a really special introductory course to Italian cooking, which includes some of the basics of Mediterranean and French cooking which nowadays cannot be ignored.

Beginning with, but simplifying, new methods and rules of cooking, Elia managed to combine his lessons into “modules” and sort the students according to their ability to understand the basics, and thereby to prepare most of the recipes just by knowing the ingredients.

A great advantage of this is that it maximises our students’ employability as kitchen assistants at first, and following that, as talented chefs themselves. Those who want to introduce some of the specialities taught in one or more of the sections to their own restaurant, pizzeria or fine food shop will find ample material here to save themselves time and money.
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All our lessons are payable in advance.
 Only one deposit payment for all our courses: £ 400.
The remaining amount fees must be paid cash on the beginning day, before the first lesson begins. For those wanting to pay by cheque, please allow 10 days before the beginning course, in order to assure the cheque will be cleared.
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