SpeedUp Pizza Course

Your local cooking school in Finsbury for Italian cooking

Our experienced instructors at Elia's Pizza School offer cooking classes for clients across London.

The accelerated intensive course that makes you a pizza maker in one week: £600 

All our courses take place in pizzerias spread across London, UK, in real conditions, Monday - Friday, 8am - 12.30pm.

This course is intended for people already working as pizza makers, with a certain amount of practical experience, but who know they can do better and for this reason want to reach a much higher level of productivity in order to receive their desired salary. Just as much, though, it is also intended for pizzeria owners, who will be able to develop their pizza-making capabilities and therefore turn over a greater profit.
Find out More about what this course entails by Downloading the Course Information below. 
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All our lessons are payable in advance.
 Only one deposit payment for all our courses: £ 400.
The remaining amount fees must be paid cash on the beginning day, before the first lesson begins. For those wanting to pay by cheque, please allow 10 days before the beginning course, in order to assure the cheque will be cleared.
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